lunedì 23 marzo 2009

diario 1 SMS Marconi

Oggi abbiamo iniziato... poche parole... solo due immagini per iniziare...


Guess who and what (and where) is in this story!
Guess and underline the word(s) and calculate your score (2 points each right anwser).

In this story there is a Statue /a picture / the Ghost
of a: a Mermaid/ a Prince / a King / a Magician
The statue is: on the stairs / on a column / in the elevator.
There is an animal: a Dove/ a Seal / a Lion/ a Cat / a Mosquito / a Swallow
It is Winter / Summer / Spring / Autumn
There are precious stones (underline 2) : a red ruby / a diamond / blue sapphires / green emeralds.
They are : in the countryside / in a wood / in a town / at the seaside / in the sky

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